Team Development


Successful teams have a shared vision, purpose and values.  They invest time in developing effective relationships and trust.  Effective teams also use forward planning to maximise their achievements.   


We use a varied approach to team development depending on your needs.  This can include team building days, facilitation, training, coaching, consulting and diagnostics.


Benefits of team development include:


  • Improved team performance

  • Working towards the same shared goals

  • Increased motivation and focus

  • Understanding of team dynamics

  • Knowledge of different working styles and preferences

  • Improved inter-personal relationships


No need to worry about booking a venue, we can do all the arrangements for you.

"Our away day gave us an opportunity to explore our differences and consider how we complement each others skills.  This has enabled us to improve how we work as a team."

We can also provide a number of team diagnostic tools including the Margerison-McCann Team Mangement Profile (TMSDI), Belbin, Strengthscope and many more.


For a free, confidential, consultation call Jane Downer on 07815 075194 or email



Why not try something different for a team away day? 

Equine Assisted Learning is used to improve communication, team development and self awareness.  


We use our own horses and facilities to offer a unique and relaxing team experience.

Learn more about our Equine Team Development Day