"Jane is a great coach. She has gently challenged me to explore the options and my own views, allowing me to recognise opportunities and resource myself to take actions that have been consistently helpful. Thank you." 

"From the first meeting with Jane I felt that the stressful issues I was experiencing at work suddenly appeared more in perspective and I was able to deal with them better.  At each meeting Jane had the ability to reach straight to the major stressors taking place at that point in time and condense them into manageable and smaller problems which seemed immediately copeable.   

There were one or two times when I would definitely have been unable to carry on working because of the amount of stress I was under if I hadn’t been seeing Jane.  Things would, without a doubt, have become too much to cope with but because of working with Jane, I managed to carry on and now feel so much stronger and more confident.  I trusted Jane instinctively and felt I could share all areas of the situation and my feelings openly with her throughout."


Thanks so much for a brilliant session.  I valued the space to have a focused conversation and enjoyed the exercises we did to work through the subject in detail. It was an hour well spent, bringing absolute clarity to a recurring question.I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone to invest some time with you.

"Really enjoyed it, captivated my attention.  Jane was an excellent trainer who kept it interesting."


"This course has given me so much insight into myself and also others."


"Very friendly and knowledgeable - a well delivered course."

"A good balance of different teaching styles - great trainer, thank you."

"Brilliant trainer - clear, concise, well paced."

"Great combination of learning styles."

"Very approachable and friendly, made it very interesting."

"Varied delivery helped enjoyment of course."

"Our away day gave us an opportunity to explore our differences and consider how we complement each others skills.  This has enabled us to improve how we work as a team."


"Thanks Jane, you have a really lovely approach to group facilitation."